Jonathan Kline

Executive Director, Tillers International

A childhood spent in Europe and Africa, and an adulthood spent in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, gave Jonathan a deep love for exploration and desire to truly hear the stories of the people he meets. While he relishes the natural beauty of his home in Michigan, he feels most comfortable overseas with a cup of tea in his hand engaging in conversation with community members.  Whether paddling the lakes and rivers with his family, hiking with his puppy, or savoring the freedom of a long distance run, he always makes the most of the time he has and looks forward to the next adventure.

Jonathan has over a decade of experience in the international humanitarian sphere working mostly in the areas of Food Security, Agriculture, and Livelihoods, including numerous engagements with government agencies, non-profits, and international NGOs.  He studied at Sterling College and Cornell University with focuses in Sustainable Agriculture, and International Agriculture & Rural Development.  He currently is the Executive Director of Tillers International.