random Arduino Reference.
If it is important for a sequence of values generated by random to differ, on subsequent executions of a sketch, use randomSeed to initialize the random number generator with a fairly random input, such as analogRead on an unconnected pin.
Random number generation Wikipedia.
Random number generators can be true hardware random-number generators HRNG, which generate genuinely random numbers, or pseudo-random number generators PRNG, which generate numbers that look random, but are actually deterministic, and can be reproduced if the state of the PRNG is known.
Random Definition of Random by Merriam-Webster.
John Benson, cleveland, Parma" officer remembers fallen brother with random acts of kindness, 8 July 2020 Samples were to be collected by officials from Comprehensive Drug Testing, the group that conducts regular and random testing for performance-enhancing drugs in spring training, the regular season and offseason.
random Language API Processing 3.
// Get a random element from an array String words apple, bear, cat, dog" int index intrandomwords.length; // Same as intrandom4 printlnwordsindex; // Prints one of the four words. Description Generates random numbers. Each time the random function is called, it returns an unexpected value within the specified range.
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