What is TEDxKalamazoo?
TEDxKalamazoo is a gathering and showcase of some of Kalamazoo’s brightest artists, scholars, students and professionals for an immersive conference designed to share ideas, illuminate and inspire. TEDxKalamazoo is licensed by TED.

Our goal is to bring to the stage some of the area's most accomplished pioneers in technology, entertainment and design for an incomparable day of talks and world-class performances. TEDxKalamazoo will be webcast live for a global audience.

Where can I view TEDxKalamazoo talks?
All of our talks and performances are available to view on our Watch page.

Does TEDxKalamazoo pay its speakers and performers?
Neither TED nor TEDx events pay their presenters, however in some cases we can cover travel expenses for those coming from a distance to speak or perform.

How can I get tickets? When will tickets go on sale?
Tickets are sold out for this year's event. There will be a live stream you can watch on the day of the event.

How are speakers and performers selected?
Nominations are screened and selected by the TEDxKalamazoo team. Considerations include importance and relevancy of topic, skill and presence of speaker or performer, affiliation to Kalamazoo, uniqueness and fit with the year’s theme.

Can I volunteer for TEDxKalamazoo?
We welcome volunteers. Please send an email with your name, interest and experience from our Contact page.

How are students involved?
Each year we assemble a small team of Kalamazoo students who help with campus promotion, marketing, social media and tech support for our presenters. If you are a Kalamazoo student and would like to participate, please use our Contact page.

How do talks from TEDxKalamazoo end up on TED.com?
Each year the TED team reviews our talks and performances and selects those that they wish to post on ted.com. While we don’t have any control over which talks are chosen by TED, we aim to create a program that is worthy of that honor. In the past six years of TEDxKalamazoo events many of our talks have been posted on ted.com