Edward Roth

WMU Music Therapy Researcher

Ed combines his passions for music and neuroscience by studying the biology and clinical application of music improvisation and how improvisation creates experiences of flow, creative self-expression, and social bonding for people with issues related to mental health. In addition to channeling his love of music and healing into practical therapeutic best practices for counseling groups for adolescents diagnosed with post-traumatic stress and acute anxiety, Ed has also focused on children and teenagers with neurologic disorders, particularly traumatic brain injuries in his clinical work. Don’t let all that hard work fool you though; he’s an accomplished percussionist and pianist who can still get the joint jumping.

Currently serving as Professor and Director of the Music Therapy program and Director of the laboratory for Brain Research and Interdisciplinary Neurosciences (BRAIN) at Western Michigan University, his work has been published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, the Nordic Journal of Music Therapy, the Journal for the Professional Counselor, Perceptual and Motor Skills, and the Australian and Canadian journals of Music Therapy.