Denise Miller

KVCC Instructor, Poet, Artist, Executive Director–OutFront Kalamazoo

Should you ever happen to see Denise sitting still, consider yourself lucky: it is a rare occurrence indeed. Whether performing her poetry, workshopping a new play, teaching numerous classes at one of West Michigan’s universities, or facilitating a retreat of writers and chefs, she is seldom a body at rest. Drawing inspiration from the works of her loved ones, as well as the histories of previous generations, the intimacy and immediacy of her poetry, prose, and community activism showcase her limitless curiosity and unflagging belief in the potential of others. Her commitment to delicious, plant based culinary exploration has opened Kalamazoo doors for vegan chefs and diners alike.

Denise’s Master of Arts in English Language and Literature is one among many professional accomplishments. Voted one of the top 5 chefs to watch in Southwest Michigan in 2012 (the only vegetarian chef & woman to gain this honor to date), she has opened multiple restaurants to critical acclaim and continues to gain accolades as a published author and academic.