Dale Anderson

Owner, Confections with Convictions

A passionate advocate for the Kalamazoo’s youth and better mental health for all, Dale has parlayed his extensive experience as a counselor, mediator, and engaged community member into making more than artisanal chocolates; he has created a foundation for success in the lives of numerous young people in need of a second chance. His skills as a former licensed builder also means he’s left his mark on the physical structure of Confections With Convictions. Whether it’s laying tile, building counters, or just jumping in as Mr. Fix-It when there’s a leaky pipe, he also provides the literal foundation for his team’s work.

Dale received his Master of Arts in Counseling Education and Counseling Psychology from Western Michigan University in 1996. He remains a part of the WMU family as the Coordinator of Campus Employee Dispute Resolution Services, in addition to the hours he spends in the store as a boss and mentor.