GitHub fsharp/FAKE: FAKE F Make.
Either: Download and install the Dotnet SDK and run dotnet tool restore followed by dotnet fake build. Or: Install FAKE 5 for example via choco install fake pre and run fake build. Note: You can find more details on the contributing page.
FAKE meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
to fake a document / signature. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics.: Definition of fake from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's' Dictionary Thesaurus Cambridge University Press. fake American Dictionary.
Fake definition of fake by The Free Dictionary.
According to Kandara OCPD Paul Wambugu, the two had conned an agent at Naaro shopping centre where they deposited Sh7000, and later at Kaburugi where they tried to deposit Sh10000, only for the attendant to realise that the money was fake MOBILE MONEY DEPOSITSThey" have been conning the attendants with fake money by depositing the same in with mobile phone money transfer agents.
Fake Wikipedia.
Fake" Alexander O'Neal' song 1987. Fake" Simply Red song 2003. Fake, a song by Brand New Heavies from Brother Sister. Fake, a song by Brockhampton from Saturation. Fake, a 1994 song by Korn from Korn. Fake, a song by Mötley Crüe.
Fake Definition of Fake by Merriam-Webster.
To fake any person or place, may signify to rob them; to fake a person, may also imply to shoot, wound, or cut; to fake a man out and out, is to kill him; a man who inflicts wounds upon, or otherwise disfigures, himself, for any sinister purpose, is said to have faked himselfto fake a screeve, is to write a letter, or other paper; to fake a screw, is to shape out a skeleton or false key, for the purpose of screwing a particular place; to fake a cly, is to pick a pocket; etc, etc, etc" p.
fake Wiktionary.
Internet slang a fake account in a social network or other online community; a sock puppet. fake invariable, comparable. Internet slang, of an image or video shared on the web fake, manipulated, not genuine Synonym: falso Antonyms: genuíno, real, autêntico.
Urban Dictionary: Fake.
A fake chooses her victims very carefully, usually very naive individuals, waits until the victim has divulged their deepest, darkest secrets, then spreads them all over the school and makes sure the victim is absolutely miserable. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. A fake meeting her victim: Fake: Hiiiiiii!

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