Angela Moe

WMU Professor, with Sunny the Therapy Dog

While many educators as accomplished as Angela would be content to rest on their laurels in the ivory towers of academia, that’s just not her style. Deeply involved in her community, Angela and Sunny, her Golden Retriever, put their training to work in schools, hospitals, shelters, and anywhere else the calming presence of an animal can foster healing. When she’s not with Sunny, Dr. Moe doesn’t slow down: she’s busy publishing research, working with numerous organizations that empower women, and finding new ways to pass on her experience. She really does it all.

A Professor of Sociology at Western Michigan University, Angela specializes in victimization, trauma, and holistic health. She has a B.A. and M.S. in Criminal Justice, a Ph.D. in Justice Studies, and certifications in Animal Assisted Therapy and Holistic Health. She and her canine partner, Sunny, are a registered therapy team with Pet Partners, offering animal assisted interventions throughout the Midwestern United States.