Angela McMillan

Communication Innovator

Angela is passionate about lifting people up through communication because, as she puts it, “Words matter.” Whether showcasing all that the Kalamazoo realtor community has to offer or customizing a visioning plan for a new client, the lessons she’s learned about how we communicate and who we can be through that communication make things better for everyone she works with.  When she’s not bringing people together with Kalamazoo Social Media Week, Angela can be found cooking up a vegetarian storm with her family and bringing the braininess on all things trivia.


A graduate of Grand Valley State University, Angela takes every opportunity to expand her knowledge, especially when it comes to innovation, design, and society. She is a critical thinker who finds creative solutions and has a proven track record with implementing inbound marketing, developing human-centric communication and operations to delight customers, elevating event communication and management, and leading strategic planning and organization.